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Skitty Kitty Such a wonderful Cat

How do I love to dream about kittys

15 April

Appearance: Standing at about five feet and six inches, Ester has dark blue hair and brown eyes. Normally she’s dressed in bright colors, a tank top, shorts, leggings, gym shoes and a scarf she wears around her neck. Her outfit is a bit on the bright side, but she keeps it looking as cute as she can.
Personality: Very open and energetic. She’s willing to do anything for her friends and is loyal to her pokemon, which get her into trouble as she rushes head first without thinking very much on it. She doesn’t easily quit and doesn’t really know where her limit is. She keeps pushing herself to be the best and strives to make friends with everyone she comes across.

Hometown: Cardinal City is her home town. She’s lived here all her life with her family as her mother is one of the managers of the huge department store. She knows a lot about the contests and used to help people get ready for them from time to time. She likes her hometown and misses it when she’s in a smaller city.

History: Basically it was because of the fact that she couldn’t really hack it as a breeder that she wanted to become a trainer. She liked cute pokemon, and she liked the idea of raising them, but she couldn’t quiet get them to breed as she always seemed to pair the wrong pokemon together. Her mother suggested that maybe she should become a trainer as she was good at getting the pokemon to behave. Other then that there’s not much to say about her.

Notable Possessions: The only item I think that she has that’s rare is a feather that reportedly came from Moltres. She got this by chance at a flea market sale and keeps it in her pocket. It’s not known if it’s real or not, but she keeps it as good luck none the less.
Profession: Trainer, though she was at first working on being a breeder, but the call to adventure was too much for her and she decided to become a trainer. She’s intending to go for both badges and ribbons from contests.
Extra: Um…Other then she likes to be loud, not much.

Badges Collected: No badges thus far as she’s just starting out.

Name: Ester Ribola.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Favourite Pokemon: Drifloon

Pokemon Team:

Pokemon: Skitty (Scatty)
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Short Bio: Scatty was her first pokemon, and it really was an accident. The skitty started to follow her around a lot after she made friends with it. Scatty wouldn’t let her choose any other pokemon, as she got jealous and Ester used to tell her to Scat, thus where her name comes from. The two are friends now.
Moveset: Growl, Tackle, Copycat, Doubleslap.

Pokemon: Lopbunny (Lola)
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Short Bio: Lola was a pick up on one of the routes. She’s a cute little thing that makes Ester laugh. Lola is used more for contests, though her attacks are quiet useful when battling. Lola is the one that Scatty is the most jealous of.
Moveset: Attract, Jump Kick, Pound, Quick Attack

Pokemon: Cleffa (Charity)
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Short Bio: Pratically a baby, Charity was a gift from a fellow breeder. He found her in the Hourglass woods one night and gave her to Ester as a way of making friends with her. Charity is the baby of the group and sees Ester as her mommy.
Moveset: Magical Leaf, Pound, Sing, Sweet Kiss

Pokemon: Budew(Rosie)
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point and Natural Cure
Short Bio: Rosie was injured during a fire at Garth's gym. She was given to Ester as a pokemon to take care of when Ester started to train there and quickly developed a bond with the happy girl. Ester treats her very well and is very kind to Rosie. She's good friends with the larger Charity as Charity is pratically a baby herself. She's shy around bigger pokemon, and humans. Rosie is used as a last resort for Ester in battle
Moveset: Absorb, Growth, Water Sport, Stun spore.
Pokemon: Umbreon (Ebony)
Gender: Male
Ability: Synchronize
Short Bio: Ebony has been with Ester since she was a baby. They have grown up together since he was an Evee, and he looks up to her as a sibling. Ebony is very protective of his mistress and a strong pokemon who was used mostly by her mother for coordinator competion. Since Ester didn't follow her mother's route, Ebony has now become trained in battleing, though Ester is more frequently seen to be playing with him then battleing. Ebony sees the younger pokemon as his pups and treats them as such, espeically Rosie and Charity. He can be seen carrying the younger pokemon by the scruff of the neck if they wander too far.
Level: 32

The Mun Section:
Name:Elizabeth N.
Age: 27
Your LJ: darkspellmaster
RPG History: Various too long to state.
Characters Played: Too many to state
Contact Info: msn -darkspellmaster

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